Wedding at Kirkland Tap and Trotter in Somerville with Kristin Chalmers

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20 Jun 2014 in Uncategorized

Author : NomDePlume

Wedding at Kirkland Tap and Trotter in Somerville. We love Kristin Chalmers.  She is one of the most energetic, open and irreverent wedding photographers we have met! Months before moving to Boston, I made a cold call to Kristin asking for help and advice about the area, aiming to make new connections and getting my bearing on this area.  She gave such amazing advice, I always knew we would become fast friends. It turned out our crazy life got in the way and we actually never met until a few months ago.  Lately we have been making up for lost time and I had the lucky chance to second shoot for her recently and get to see this woman in action. She’s a blast to work with and she also happens incredibly fun, laid back and happy clients. They are happy because her energy is contagious. I always love being able to collaborate with people who share the same passion for doing what we do, and for life too.

It is always exciting to be around creative couples who come up with unique ways to get married and celebrate.  Here are some selects from a very intimate wedding we shot at the Kirkland Tap and Trotter in Somerville.  This new place in Inman Square describes itself as a “funky interpretation of a neighborhood joint”, and it definitely lives up to this expectations.  Some of the best food in Somerville! Lucky us we are neighbors and able to swing by for their grilled oyster wednesdays anytime.


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