Creative Mentoring Session at home!

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06 Jun 2014 in Uncategorized

Author : NomDePlume

Recently we held an inspiring creative mentoring session at home with artists Julie Morawski and Jasmine Balgobin.  These two reached out to us a few months ago searching for creative input as they push their photography forward, commercially and artistically.

A few months before our session we asked Julie and Jasmine to put together a collection of things that inspire them; writing, art, music, …  The time for our session finally came and we were floored by so much talent! These two paint, photograph, write, and just beam with sensitivity towards their surroundings.  We spent an incredible afternoon of insightful and inspiring conversations!

As creatives, it is crucial to build a community of likeminded individuals who will expect to be surprised by you, push you forward, and inspire you on all levels.  It helps to have those people in your life that will see through you and help you bring out that you are yearning to communicate.

We are honored they thought about us to help in this pursuit, and touched by their insightful gifts which we will forever treasure at our home.  Thank you Julie and Jasmine for sparking a light on us!

Memory map of San Miguel (below) by  Jasmine Balgobin.  Succulents by Julie Morawski 🙂






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