Cristina grew up in Mexico and began her photographic career as a documentary photographer with great passion for culture, tradition, and the extraordinary in daily life.  She is fascinated by the magical and unexpected, as well as ethereal moments within the most ordinary circumstances.  Her awe translates into her passions, always looking at the world through the telescope of sincerity and amazement. Her biggest passion, Michael, has brought her from the northeastern coast of Mexico all the way to Boston.  She is an educator sharing social awareness through photography, a producer, and documentary photographer. National Geographic Traveler, CNN Expansion have published her images, as well as being collected in the U.S. and Mexico. Arcangel in Europe, and Getty in Latin America represent her images.


Michael and his spirit rely on his curiosity for the mysterious. He searches for the sublime in imperfection, embracing beauty as presented in the perfect timing of the universe.  His images celebrate existence, within the many twists and turns that make it bold and rich. His wondrous sense of detail translates into photographs of fleeting events in life that through his lens become most relevant; A constellation formed by confetti left on the dance floor after a celebration, or a passing breath of light on a wedding gown. Michael’s serene and meditative images offer solace in our evermore hectic times.

Michael is an award winning visual artist as well as an educator.  His quest for a definitive creative voice in photography has propelled his work to be extensively exhibited and published. He is represented in galleries across the USA and collected internationally.

He is sought after and has helped numerous creative minds find a personal vision.