Wedding at Portsmouth Harbor Events in a perfect New England summer in Portsmouth NH

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18 Jul 2014 in Uncategorized

Author : NomDePlume

Wedding at Portsmouth Harbor Events. I love shooting in New England especially when it involves going to new and beautiful beach town like charming Portsmouth, NH. This wedding was located at Portsmouth Harbor Events and the party got me really inspired to photograph very unique moments and photograph like a fly in the wall.  This is one of my favorite ways to photograph as I feel it really gives me the opportunity to stand back and capture the dynamics that naturally evolve in big family gatherings. It allows me to be true and honor the moment.  I like to think that when my clients look at these photographs they will be able to remember things which might have gone unnoticed or even be able to create new memories of the things they missed.

It might have been the heat or this big family that made me feel at home!

This wedding was shot alongside amazing Tanya Lacourse in her native NH at Portsmouth Harbor Events in Portsmouth, NH.


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