The Battle for the Extraordinary

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07 Feb 2014 in Uncategorized

Author : NomDePlume

Separately, we appreciate and seek out our muse in places you might not expect. As a team our creative process is often times long, passionate, and excruciatingly honest.  Ideas are bounced back and forth followed by long silences, and long dissonance to achieve a perfect harmony. Our photography seeks force in two minds creating in synergy.

We nurture our rampant differences, partly because we are both too stubborn to give in, and mostly because we enjoy the thrill of what these differences bring to the table. We don’t really always meet in the middle, although we don’t always try to.

Having a photographer for a partner can be very challenging. We use the same medium, but we use it in our own different way. As artists, we can get in the way of ourselves when deciding what works and what doesn’t.  We continually learn to embrace each other’s ideas, and force each other to walk our own paths further, traversing deeper into our own process. Our dynamic helps develop us as individuals, and artists. We then return to our common ground, and remember the things we enjoy together with new perspectives. In the end this process nurtures our mystery and wonder for the world around us, which ceaselessly fuels our passion for photography.

Next February 11th we will be speaking at INSPIRE 2014 in Sturbridge, MA to the wonderful New England community of wedding and portrait photographers.  We will touch on the theme of how to have a creative partnership and still develop a voice of your own.


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