Some of our best Boston Wedding Moments

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08 Apr 2014 in Uncategorized

Author : NomDePlume

Aside from shooting weddings together we wear many hats within photography. Every experience enriches our vision and brings something new to the table, whether it is shooting commercially, on the streets, or pursuing our own creative endeavors.

Since moving to Boston almost two years ago we have been lucky to be very welcomed into a wonderful photographic community in New England, and have collaborated with some incredibly talented photography studios that have trusted our creative vision to be their second camera on site.

These are some of our best wedding moments as seen in Boston weddings!

Thanks to Avenna Studios, Krista Photography and Rebekah Kay! It’s been great fun to shoot with you.

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  1. CoCo 9 Apr 2014 Reply

    LOVE it and we LOVE you!

    • NomDePlume 9 Apr 2014 Reply

      Love you too!

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